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What is Magickal Thinking? | An Occult Experiment

the project

This project has ended.   THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED!

Who makes the jewelry?

All the jewelry is designed and made by me!  My primary jewelry website is DonovanSmithDesign.com.

Why Crowd-funding?

I am attempting this crowd-funding concept in an attempt to keep costs as low as possible.  I usually make jewelry on a per order basis, this is an expensive method.  With this set-up I can wait until I have a group of orders and then work in a more mass production style.

Why these designs

These designs reflect artists and ideas that I greatly admire.  I have spent countless hours over many years working alone at a jewelry bench listening to music.  This is the seeping in of those influences on my work.

When will I receive my jewelry?

I will be making the jewelry in batches.  When you order a piece I will keep you updated on the time-frame.  I estimate that pieces will be made every 2 weeks.  I have the fundraiser ending in mid December, this is to ensure that anyone who orders jewelry will receive it before the holidays.