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Danny Carey Pantacle Talisman Necklace | An Occult Experiment

Danny Carey Talisman Necklace

Danny Carey Pantacle Talisman

This talismanic pendant has it all…  Two enneagrams contained within two circles.  Within those are  a 9 pointed star polygon and another enneagram.  WITHIN THAT is another polygon and a unicursal hexagram.  This is some pretty powerful sacred geometry…   But how could it NOT be?  This is the pantacle of none other than Danny Carey, drummer and magickal thinker extraordinaire of the band TOOL.

Thanks for this great piece Donovan. I haven’t taken it off since I took it from the box.

The geometry is raised above a blackened background creating a very bold necklace.  Measuring 27 millimeters in diameter and hanging on 25 inches of black leather cord this can easily be worn outside  or tucked inside your shirt.  The loop closure is finished with a 10mm sterling disk engraved with a unicursal hexagram.

                Danny Carey Pantacle Necklace

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