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“…It Just Is.”

I first heard COIL in my teenage years.  For over two decades they have remained a constant in my life.

In memoriam Jhonn


…It Just Is.



The Dreamer Is Still Asleep ring

Here is a shot of my DREAMER ring.  It is a beautiful day here in Brooklyn.

I invite everyone to send in snapshots of their jewelry out in the real world!

Here is a picture of the rings being worn

So, I am still in the process of getting all the pictures compiled…  The fantastic website Dangerous Minds has posted the ‘Dreamer’ ring   (Richard Metzger is someone I GREATLY admire) which has sent a good amount of traffic to the site. Continue reading

The closure

Here is a picture of the closure for the necklaces.  A Perfection Loop  is tied on one end of the leather cord and on the other end is a 10mm sterling silver disk engraved with a unicursal hexagram.  The disk slips through the loop and holds firm!

The site is going live!

I am putting up the website.  Perhaps I am jumping the gun.  I probably am.  I have more pictures to add, a few bugs to work out, the usual website last minute details… Continue reading